Boost Technological Innovation through Party Building

Release time:2021-05-25

A general meeting of the Party Branch Committeeof CEAM took place on May 24, 2021 and Dr. Gao Jianbo was elected secretary ofthe Committee.

The meeting first announced the approval of theParty Committee of the Songshan Lake Two New Organizations (new economic andsocial organizations) for the establishment of Party Branch Committee of CEAM,and then elected the secretary through open competition and anonymous votingaccording to the Constitution of the Communist Party of China and theRegulations on the Work of the Branch of the Communist Party of China.

Comrade Gao Jianbo expressed his gratitude tothe Branch members for their trust. He said that he will work hard to set agood example for them, integrate party building with his research work andfulfill the Party’s commitment to serving the people. He added that the Branchwill boost innovation through party building, and give full play to its role asa provider of theory-based guidance and political underpinning, so as topromote high-quality coordinated progress of party building, scientificresearch and innovation.

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