Phase I Building of CEAM’s Advanced Materials Science Park Tops Out

Release time:2021-05-26

CEAM celebrated a construction milestone as theskeleton of its Advanced Materials Science Park phase I building has beencompleted.The event, witnessed by CEAM Executive DirectorMr. Zhang Peng, heads of the contractor, construction and supervising companies,and Mr. Wan Zhong, Director of Huawei Public and Government Affairs Department,etc., was marked with a topping out ceremony on the morning of May 25, 2021,including putting the final shovel of concrete to the highest point of thebuilding.

Thanks to the strong support of the governmentand the concerted efforts of all the companies involved, the phase I building,started in Oct. 2020, tops out as planned without compromising safety andquality. The topping-out ceremony is a major milestone in the entire project,laying a solid foundation for phase II construction to begin in June. The Parkis scheduled for completion in 2022.

Located in the west of Songshan Lake High-TechZone, the Park covers an area of about 66,666㎡, with a planned building area up to 150,000. With CEAM at its core, the Park will have new materials industry asthe mainstay while including excellent companies in the emerging industrieslike electronic information, 5G, and artificial intelligence, etc. By doing so,it aims to build itself into a high-tech industry innovation center and an eco-friendlylandmark of Dongguan City featuring strong international influence. 

As the phase I construction concludes, CEAM willpress ahead with the phase II. Also, it’s always ready to join hands withpartners from all sectors to make contribution to the growth of Dongguan. 

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