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Center of Excellence forAdvanced Materials (CEAM), recognized as a provincial novel researchinstitution, is engaged in materials design, manufacturing process optimizationand service performance assessment, etc. Located in Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Park,Dongguan, Guangdong, China, CEAM is building a 67,000㎡ advanced materials science park,which is scheduled to be completedin 2022. It has a staff of 130, 12% being academicians and professorsand 50% doctors.

CEAM consists of four researchdepartments and two research centers, namely, Neutron Technology ApplicationDepartment, Materials Property Research Department, Stress MeasurementDepartment, Numerical Simulation & Modelling Department, StructuralIntegrity Research Center, and Center for Experiments. Geared to CEAM's keyresearch directions, the Center for Experiments is made up of eightlaboratories, including Neutron Technology Application Laboratory, ResidualStress Measurement Laboratory, Micro- and Nano-mechanics Laboratory, MechanicalProperties Laboratory, Microstructure Characterization Laboratory, AdditiveManufacturing Laboratory, Advanced Welding Laboratory and Numerical Simulation& Modelling Laboratory.

Relying on the first majorscientific infrastructure "China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS)" inthe Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, CEAM has been working closelywith Dongguan Branch of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences (also known as CSNS Science Center)at developing an engineering materials neutron diffractometer and a completeset of supplementary equipment. Aided by these facilities, CEAM will be capableof performing multi-scale simulation and measurement to facilitate materialsdesign, processing technique optimization, quality and safety testing,structural service safety assessment and life extension, etc. It aims to becomea world-leading advanced manufacturing service platform that combines basicscientific research and applied technology research, providing turn-keysolutions and professional services to the industrial fields.

Inaddition, CEAM has gained approval to establish Guangdong EngineeringTechnology Research Center, Guangdong Doctoral Workstation, and Dongguan KeyLaboratory. It has led and participated in many national, ministerial andprovincial projects as well, such as those supported by High-level ForeignExperts Recruitment Program under the Ministry of Science and Technology,National Natural Science Foundation of China, State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Basicand Application-oriented Basic Research Foundation of Guangdong Province, andKey R&D Program of Guangdong Province, etc. While firmly establishing itsbase in Guangdong in the past four years, CEAM also keeps the rest of thecountry in mind, joining hands with many research institutions, universitiesand companies to address the needs of the strategic emerging industries, suchas laser additive manufacturing, nuclear power, aerospace, high-end equipment,marine engineering and advanced manufacturing, etc.

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